March 23, 2023
God’s Work through By Provision
Your generous financial and prayer support allows By Provision to give others potable water and the opportunity to know and follow Jesus Christ. May the abundant life of peace and joy fill your heart as you read about the results of your giving to By Provision so that all may know Jesus Christ.

2011 Angola, Botswana and Namibia

25 new boreholes in Namibia

6 new boreholes in Angola

30 boreholes rehabilitated in Namibia

20 boreholes rehabilitated in Namibia.

No successful drilling in Botswana in 2011.

Discipling African Teens graduated 7 teenage girls.

Ongoing weekly adult discipleship in 4 major regions, about 100 people


2010 Angola, Botswana and Namibia

36 new boreholes

25 boreholes rehabilitated

DAT, home for 10 teenage high school young ladies. They enjoyed community service, pottery, swimming, music lessons, Bible lessons, evangelism training, and celebrating birthdays.

2 week long leadership trainings held for pastors (14) and church leaders (56)

Pottery training and project set up with two pottery wheels and supplies

Solar cooking training and project set up with Nailoke Solar House

Tilapia stock and training given to 3 projects

Peace Corps partnership approved to host Caleb and Rachel Stephenson for 2011

Humanitarian aid (clothing and food) distributions (3) in Tsumeb. 

2009 Angola, Botswana, and Namibia

Water Projects

Angola: 16 new wells, 12 rehabs

Namibia: 21 new wells, 25 rehabs

Botswana: 3 new wells


10 preschools assisted with Bibles and supplies

Jesus film showings at drill sites

2 week log events in Tsumeb

Proclaimers (solar powered dramatized reading of Bible) and audio sticks distributed

On going sewing project established in Tsintsabis

4 week long solar cooking projects


Namibian business account established

Namibian Welfare Organization registration completed

Purchased two more properties: one for youth home, one for guests, both properties used for drilling storage

2008 Angola and Namibia


          28 new wells and 8 wells rehab

             2 new tilapia projects

             1 week long Leadership Conference for Pastors & Leaders

             1 medical clinic in Tsumeb (650 patients)

  1 Jesus film team showing the Jesus film to thousands year round

             2 Youth discipleship groups in Tsumeb

         100 Bibles and 5 audio Bibles given to believers


          17 new wells and 8 well rehabs

  1 partner equipped to show Jesus film

             1 solar powered audio Bible given

2007 Angola and Namibia


      26 new wells

          4 wells rehab

          6 new tilapia projects to provide a sustainable food source

Week long Leadership Conference for Pastors of 26 churches led by Bert Cornelius and A.T. Scott. Bert and A.T. preached at local churches and lled 35 people to Christ

          Numerous showings of the Jesus film to thousands


          4 new wells

          1 medical clinic to Himba people

2 partners showing Jesus film to thousands in the Cunene Region

2006 Angola and Namibia

58                Angolan churches ministered to

42                Namibian churches ministered to

31                fresh water wells serving 18,600 people

1                  leadership conference for 200 pastors and leaders

340               hymnals in Luchasi distributed to churches

800               Bible study books in Luchasi distributed

2                  tilapia projects started

 3                 new orphanage ministries in Namibia

1                  prison ministry, Angola, equipped with literature, Bibles,

 and bilingual hymnals

1                  large church educational facility built for children, Angola

3                  quarterly meetings with national Angolan and Namibian

 church leaders

1                  well drilling missions team from First Baptist Church

                    Gardendale, Alabama

33 acres       land obtained for the Evangelical Association in Angola

5,000            people viewed the Jesus film with 900 integrating into a

                    local church

$50,000        of medicine and vitamins distributed

Other countries served: Lebanon disaster relief, Kenya, and USA. 

2005 Angola

25      successful wells providing clean water for 40,000 people

2        church buildings

27,000 people saw the Jesus Film with 3,600 decisions for Christ

2        hours of weekly evangelistic radio broadcasting in Kuanyama & Portuguese

10      “Jesus Film” copies distributed in Angola and Namibia

250     Bibles distributed & 1000 Scripture portions

20      Women’s training events

$150,000 of medicine and vitamins distributed

Other countries served: Zambia and USA (Katrina & Rita disasters)

2004 Angola

20      successful wells providing clean water for 35,000 people resulting in 20 new churches established

27,200 people saw the Jesus Film with 3,600 decisions for Christ increasing the strength of the local churches as illiterate believers viewed the film to increase their knowledge of God’s Word

158     Bibles distributed

1,500 School boxes distributed

18      Women’s evangelism training events

2        Youth evangelism training events

$184,000 of medicine and vitamins distributed

7        Volunteers came to Angola working from 1-4 months each doing evangelism, training, drilling, and discipleship.

7        Angolan believers that are university students mentored in Namibia

1        Literacy distribution project in Liberia including school supplies & computers

1        International disaster relief project to Bah, Iran: a water project and school supplies distribution to Muslim community and discipleship of believers.

2003 Comores

Comores is a group of islands north of Madagascar. It is one of the few remaining one hundered percent Muslim countries in the world. We were invited by The Bahari Foundation, an educational non-profit organization, to teach in the Comores at the university.

In Comores anyone who graduates from a university is highly respected and considered a leading citizen in the community. Therefore reaching these university students for Christ has the potential to transform the whole society. The university also holds continuing education for adults at night. Teaching provides a fast and natural way to establish relationships with students and their families.

Mrs. Wilkins taught four classes to first and second year students. Mr. Wilkins taught adults at night in the continuing education program and at Civil Aviation and Unicef. The Wilkins made the Jesus film in French and English available to the students in the privacy of their home. The Wilkins were able to establish weekly Bible studies with some of these students also.

Community living is a vital part of life in the Comores. The Wilkins established growing relationships with our neighbors and spent a lot of time sharing cultural and religious information with each other. The Wilkins also welcomed neighbors into their home for meals, birthday parties for children, and use of their refrigerator and television. This strengthened relationships with the community and gave them tangible evidence that they cared about others.

Driving a vehicle proved to be a great ministry tool also. Most people travel by shared taxis and many are forced to walk for miles when they don’t have the taxi fare. People will call out to vehicles as they pass and ask for a ride. This provides a captive audience for ministry. Some times the rides are short and other times long, either way the rider would welcome the chance to get in and talk. This was especially effective when there was bad weather, an occasional holiday, or taking a day off from work. The Wilkins would simply get in the car and start driving along the main highway.

The most exciting part of this time was being in a Muslim country during the war with Iraq, especially since the only mass media in the Comores is the local radio station and one Arabian station that broadcast. The Comorians therefore only received Muslim biased information and reports. The Wilkins were threatened several times and physically attacked once. It was absolutely amazing to see how God protected the Wilkins and even used these events to deepen relationships with the Comorians showing their love and God’s love for them.

Mr. Wilkins led one young man to Christ that is of particular note. This young man is a political leader and is being groomed to be a future president. The day we left he stated that when he becomes president his main goal will be to bring freedom of religion to Comores.

2002 Angola

May 6th through September 10th of 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins performed literacy, construction, humanitarian aid, and evangelism in Angola. This project is in partnership with the International Mission Board, Crosslink, and Alfalit International. Mr. Wilkins focused on building eight church structures. Mrs. Wilkins focused on Portuguese literacy training 750 teachers and women’s and family ministry. At night the Wilkins showed the Jesus film to approximately 18,000 people. Both participated in the distribution of donated medicines to the Baptist Convention of Angola and $60,000 of clothing and food to ten villages in the north of Angola. This work was covered on regional and national radio and television.

We had volunteers to come and help serve the Angolan people. Roberto Perez, president Alfalit, International came May. Another Alfalit member from Miami, Aida Iglesias, helped in August. Jason and Ashley, two students from Baylor University came to help with construction in July.  Jamie Hall, a student from Samford, along with Jim Hall, a businessman from Michigan, also came to help in mid August. Jamie worked at the medical clinics distributing medicine and providing medical consultations. Jim helped finalize construction at one site and start the largest church building we did also. God moved in a mighty way!

And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will not loose his reward. Matthew 10:42